Spring Bay Museum

Open by appointment and during exhibitions.

The Museum component of our Maritime Discovery Centre has now been open now for 5 years and we continue to grow our collection that celebrates our amazing local stories.

Our wish is to focus is on designing, funding and installing the collections in our new centre that will be located in the Triabunna port area, opposite the Maria Island ferry terminal. We are keen to establish a vibrant centre that will tell the indigenous, convict and heritage stories of the Spring Bay region. We are also planning an aquarium that will create an environment where local species of marine plants and animals can be readily viewed by people of all ages.

We welcome you to join our journey to help build a ‘must see’ facility in the Triabunna township-perfectly located for visitors to Maria Island, and only an hour’s drive from Hobart.

Former Exhibitions:

Commercial Fishing Exhibition - 2015

FLYER Commercial Fishing Exhibition Museum

Shipwrecks on the Maria Coast - 2014

FLYER Shipwrecks on the Maria Coast



Maria Island's ‘Mystery Boat’ c1830s-1870s

On 30 November 2009 heavy rain caused the convict-built dam at Darlington, Maria Island's historic settlement, to break its wall, causing significant flash flooding of Bernacchi's Creek and damage around Darlington.

The flooding also removed a large amount of beach sand from the creek mouth, exposing buried whale bones and the remnants of a very old vessel. Local ferry operator John Cole-Cook discovered the boat pieces displayed here a few days after the floods.

There are many theories about the type of vessel of which these timbers were once a part. As there are no documented records we can only speculate on the many possibilities: our boat will probably always remain an interesting mystery.